Physical Education


  • To encourage a healthy, active lifestyle
  • To foster a love for sport and physical fitness
  • To promote positive communication, teamwork, and support amongst students    
  • To instill a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and sportsmanship

Physical Education at PBA seeks to engage all students in a positive learning atmosphere.  Each grade has physical education three times per week for 40 minutes. One class per week is dedicated to fitness, sport, and game play, respectively.  An individual’s work ethic, attitude, and sportsmanship are central to each component of the curriculum.

Students complete fitness tests assessing endurance, speed, agility, and core strength.  Tests are given at the beginning of each quarter, with focus on individual fitness and performance goals.  

Students will learn basic rules of sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and team handball.  Basic fundamental and tactical skills are taught and practiced through scrimmage play. 

In both fall and spring, students take part in a six-week swimming course, designed to teach the proper techniques of the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke).  Students have the opportunity to practice each stroke through various drills and relays.

Popular physical education games such as dodgeball, tag, wall-ball, capture-the-flag, and kickball are also implemented throughout the year.

PBA offers basketball as an after-school sport for Grades 6-8.  The team plays other middle schools in the East Bay area. The season begins in January and continues through early March.